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Veggie Veggie is a supplement manufactured to benefit human health and well-being. It is enriched with 120 kinds of different vegetable and fruit fermentation. Not a substitute for drugs, it has outstanding detoxification, intestinal discomfort, constipation, and weight management effects. Rich in Nutrition: 120 kinds of fresh vegetable and fruit fermentation Outstanding effect: Detoxification and weight-loss results Active Ingredients: Rainbow fruit and vegetable fermentation essence, French Nutriose dietary fiber, six probiotics combination Benefit to: The constipation/The intestinal discomfort/weight management Suggested usage: Brew with 100ml warm or cold water (do not exceed 450) and dronk after thorough mixing. Better to drink extra 500 ml water after consumption For adults: 1 sachet per day. If experiencing digestive upset, 2-3 sachets are recommended until discomfort subsides For chidren: half of the adult dose, take undr udult supervision attentions Attentions: Not a substitute for drugs Keep out of reach of children Not intended for children under 1 year of age.

Veggie Veggie

Benefit to People with Constipation, intestinal discomfort, and weight management.

Supplement that benefits people who have diarrhea and stomach ache caused by diarrhea.


Benefit to people who have diarrhea and stomach ache caused by diarrhea.

HAPPY GUT BACTERIA LIVE IN YOUR BODY* Reliable and effective strains: 3 kinds of patented strains to effectively restore and improve your gut bacteria.* High strain concentration: The strains in one sachet of Probio 3 active strains in 200 cups of 100g  Active Ingredients Bifidobacterium longum, streptococus thermophilus No.1, streptococus thermophilus No.2  Benefit to •People with constipation or diarrhea•People with poor absorption•People with low immunity, easy to be ill  Suggested Usage •Dissolve the powder with water order below 45° Attention • Keep out of reach of children. • Not intended for children under 1 year of age


Benefit to people with constipation/diarrhea, poor absorption, low immunity, and easy to fall ill.

Alihsum Blog Posts

The Unseen Path

In the realm of the intangible, where sight does not avail,Lies the Unseen Path, shrouded in a misty veil.A journey not of footsteps, but of faith without fail,Where the heart leads the way, through the unseen trail. This path, it winds through the forests of the mind,A route undefined, its destination unassigned.It’s the road less […]

Veil of Dreams

Beneath the twilight’s starry streams,Lies the gentle Veil of Dreams.A fabric woven from the night,Where hopes and wishes take their flight. It shimmers with a light unseen,A barrier between and between.Where reality softly seams,With the magic of the Veil of Dreams. In its folds, we dare to leap,To lands where dragons gently sleep.Where love is […]

Embrace the Night

When the sun dips low and the day takes flight,The world is wrapped in the arms of night.A blanket of stars, a moonlit sight,Invites us all to embrace the night. In the quietude where dreams alight,The soul finds solace in the lack of light.The night’s embrace, devoid of fright,Holds secrets whispered out of sight. Celestial […]

Mysteries of the Heart

In the silent chambers, where emotions start,Dwells the enigma, the mysteries of the heart.A labyrinth of feelings, a complex chart,Where love and sorrow often impart. It beats in rhythms, a silent art,Echoing the depths, the innermost part.A vessel of secrets, it sets apart,The known from the hidden, the mysteries of the heart. In its pulse, […]

Twilight’s Promise

As the day bids farewell, with a sigh so tender,Twilight’s promise arrives, in its radiant splendor.A canvas of colors, a masterpiece in the sky,Where the last rays of sunlight, with the night’s shadows vie. The horizon glows softly, in hues of pink and gold,A story of endings, and new beginnings told.The stars peek through the […]

Stardust Memories

In the canvas of the cosmos, where time softly treads,Lie the memories made of stardust, in celestial beds.Each speck a tale, a moment caught in cosmic threads,Woven into the fabric of the universe, where light and shadow weds. These memories, they glimmer, in the night sky so vast,Echoes of the infinite, from the first to […]

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