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A tale: A Wise Old Owl and the Curious Squirrel

Long long ago, in a sun-dappled forest, where leaves whispered secrets and dew kissed petals bloomed, there lived an old owl named Aliha. His feathers bore the silver-gray hue of countless moonlit nights, and his eyes held the wisdom of ages. Aliha perched atop the tallest oak, surveying the world with a knowing gaze.

And then there was Suman—a squirrel with a penchant for mischief. His bushy tail twitched like a mischievous secret, and his curiosity knew no bounds. Suman darted through the branches, collecting acorns, and occasionally, trouble.

One sunny morning, as dewdrops clung to spiderwebs, Sumam scampered up to Aliha’s perch. Her tiny paws trembled with excitement, and her eyes sparkled like dew-kissed emeralds.

“Aliha,” Suman chirped, “why are you so wise? How do you know everything?”

Aliha ruffled her feathers, amused. “Ah, Suman,” she said, “wisdom isn’t a treasure chest you stumble upon. It’s a journey—a dance with the winds, the rustling leaves, and the moon’s whispers.”

Suman tilted his head. “But why bother? I’m content with my acorns and tree-hopping.”

Aliha leaned closer. “Listen, young one,” she began, “wisdom is like the roots of this ancient oak. It anchors you when storms rage. And business relationships? They’re like branches—reaching out, connecting.”

Suman’s eyes widened. “Branches? Like customers?”

“Exactly,” Aliha nodded. “Imagine each branch as a customer. Some sturdy, some fragile. Here’s what I’ve learned, Suman:

  1. 🌱 Listening: “An owl listens more than it hoots,” Aliha said. “Listen to your customers—their needs, fears, dreams. Understand their language.”
  2. 🌟 Observing: “Watch the forest,” Aliha continued. “Observe trends, changing seasons. Adapt like leaves turning gold. Know when to offer warmth or shade.”
  3. 🤝 Collaboration: “See those squirrels gathering acorns?” Aliha pointed. “Collaborate. Share insights. Business isn’t a solo flight; it’s a murmuration of starlings.”
  4. 🧠 Learning: “Suman,” Aliha’s eyes twinkled, “never stop learning. Read the constellations, decode the moon’s phases. Knowledge is currency.”
  5. ❤️ Empathy: “Feel the forest’s heartbeat,” Aliha whispered. “Empathy isn’t weakness; it’s strength. Understand your customers’ struggles.”
  6. 💡 Innovation: “Suman,” Aliha fluffed his feathers, “innovate. Build nests that withstand storms. Offer solutions that surprise and delight.”

Suman’s tail twitched. “But what about mischief?”

Aliha chuckled. “Mischief isn’t wrong, my friend. Just channel it wisely. Like a squirrel hiding acorns, surprise your customers.”

And so, Sunam listened, observed, collaborated, learned, empathized, and innovated. His squirrelly antics transformed into clever strategies. His tree-hopping became purposeful leaps.

As seasons turned, Suman’s acorn stash grew. His branches—customers—trusted him. They sought his advice, shared their stories, and returned like migrating birds.

And Aliha? she watched Suman from her oak, proud as a moonbeam. “Remember,” Aliha hooted, “business isn’t just about acorns. It’s about nurturing the forest.”

And so, Suman—the curious squirrel—became a wise entrepreneur. His business thrived, not just because of acorns, but because he’d danced with the winds, listened to the leaves, and embraced the wisdom of the old owl.

Dear reader, may your business relationships bloom like spring blossoms, anchored by roots of wisdom and curiosity. A big Hug from Alihsum! 🌿🦉🌟

Victor Isaacs


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