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Clasping Hands in Solidarity with Lukosi Kangaroos

In the heart of the Rift Valley, lies a learning institution known as Lukosi Primary School. Within its humble walls, the echoes of children’s laughter mingle with the dreams of generations, spurred on by the arrival of unexpected visitors – the Alumni group. These creatures, resembling kangaroos, bounded into Lukosi with a message of electrifying transformation.

Dubbed the Alumni for their energetic leaps across the Kitale landscape, they arrived with a mission to bridge the gap between Alihsum Networking and the Lukosi Alumni fraternity. And ignite they did! In November 2023, Lukosi’s former students, scattered like seeds across continents, reunited. They reminisced about childhood games, uniforms powdered with chalk, and teachers who championed mathematics… ‘Pigia mwalimu wa hesabu simu, umuulize hapa ni wapi?’ translated as ‘Call the math teacher, ask him where this is.’

Then, like an outstretched hand, Alihsum extended its reach. Not for profit, but as a gesture of charity, offering services to give back to the community. To us, it wasn’t just buzzwords but the pulse of our shared heartbeat. Lukosi wasn’t a distant dot on a map but a living and a breathing learning institution where dreams are established. Like kangaroos cradling their young ones in the pouches, we clasped hands in solidarity.

An agreement was struck to provide online services, a lifeline for Lukosi’s growth. Websites and blogs were just the beginning as we aimed to expand in due time. But our commitment didn’t end there. We pledged one per cent of annual returns to the school through the Alumni group effective March, 2024. We are inviting others to join the Kangaroos hopping campaign.

In December 2023, the alumni group brought electricity to Lukosi. Yet, the journey continues. With voices raised in harmony, they now call upon partners, well-wishers, and the universe itself for donations to provide modern toilets as a basic necessity and a matter of dignity for their beloved school.🌟🦘✨

Victor Isaacs


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