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ECHOES OF NATURE’S WRATH | Poem By Victor Isaacs.

In the realm of nature’s might,
Lies a truth, a sobering sight.
No fingers pointed, no blame to bestow,
Just consequences of seeds we sow.

At first, mere droplets grace the ground,
But soon, they gather, unbound.
Through valleys they surge, a force untamed,
Pity the soul ensnared, unnamed.

Taking livelihoods, seizing all in its sway,
Nature’s retribution, it has its say.
With a vengeful rise, the earth takes a stand,
Against the disregard of man’s careless hand.

Trees unloved, and fumes that choke the air,
Nature’s patience wears thin, beware.
Claiming her space, with tremors she’ll remind,
Of our arrogance, of our bind.

Our homes may tumble, to dust they’ll return,
As we reckon with lessons we must learn.
Back to the earth, our bodies shall blend,
While spirits journey where the winds portend.

In this cycle, nature’s balance prevails,
Against our abuses, her fury unveils.
Again and again, her wrath will descend,
A reminder to cherish, to amend and befriend.

Floods may sweep, lives may be claimed,
Yet amidst it all, lessons are framed.
We’ll witness souls carried in nature’s embrace,
In the dance of creation, in the vastness of space.

— END—

Victor Isaacs


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