You are currently viewing The Hare’s cunning path lessons from Ngong Hills, Kajiado County – Kenya

The Hare’s cunning path lessons from Ngong Hills, Kajiado County – Kenya

“The Hare’s Cunning Path: Lessons from Ngong Hills”

In the shadow of Ngong Hills, where the sun kisses the earth and the wind whispers secrets, a curious audience gathered. Among them stood Mr. Suman, a storyteller with eyes that held both mischief and wisdom. His tale unfolded like the hills themselves—rolling, unexpected, and rich with life lessons.

“The Hare’s Cunning Path”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Mr. Suman began, “let me introduce you to the hare—a creature seemingly ordinary but harboring extraordinary tricks. As we hike these ancient hills, let us unravel the hare’s wisdom and apply it to our own journeys.”

1. The Hare’s Swift Start:

“Observe,” Mr. Suman pointed to a darting hare. “Its legs propel it forward with lightning speed. In business, swift starts matter. Don’t hesitate—leap into opportunities. The hare doesn’t wait for permission; it seizes the moment.”

2. The Hare’s Zigzag Escape:

“When danger approaches,” Mr. Suman continued, “the hare zigzags. It confounds predators, leaving them bewildered. Entrepreneurs, learn this dance. When challenges loom, don’t run straight into them. Zigzag—pivot, adapt, and outwit.”

3. The Hare’s Burrow Wisdom:

“See those burrows?” Mr. Suman gestured. “The hare digs them strategically. Entrepreneurs, build your burrows—networks, mentors, and knowledge. When storms rage, retreat to safety. The hare knows: survival lies in prepared havens.”

4. The Hare’s Silent Listening:

“The hare,” Mr. Suman whispered, “listens to the wind. It hears distant footsteps, senses change. Entrepreneurs, silence your inner chatter. Listen to market whispers, customer needs, and industry shifts. The hare’s ears are its compass.”

5. The Hare’s Moon Dance:

“Ah,” Mr. Suman smiled, “observe the hare’s moonlit frolic. It dances, celebrates life. Entrepreneurs, don’t forget joy. Amid spreadsheets and deadlines, dance. Celebrate wins, no matter how small. The hare knows: success is sweeter with a moonbeam waltz.”

6. The Hare’s Leap of Faith:

“Lastly,” Mr. Suman’s eyes sparkled, “the hare leaps. Over rocks, across streams, toward the horizon. Entrepreneurs, take leaps. Risk failure, embrace uncertainty. The hare doesn’t calculate—it trusts its legs. Leap, and you’ll find wings.”

As the sun dipped behind Ngong Hills, the audience absorbed Mr. Suman’s tale. They vowed to be swift, zigzag, burrow-wise, attentive, joyful dancers, and fearless leapers.

“Remember,” Mr. Suman concluded, *“whether hare or entrepreneur, the path ahead is yours to shape. May Ngong’s winds carry your dreams, and may you leap with hare-like courage.”

And so, the hills whispered their approval—a timeless echo of cunning hares and daring souls.

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