Master Website Design in Only 20 Hours

Alihsum offers a streamlined 10-day online training program, compressing 20 hours, with the aim of providing the essential skills for constructing a website. All you will need is a Computer and Internet connectivity. As an experienced expert, Alihsum is passionate about sharing knowledge, skills, and experience with any eager learner. A key highlight of this training is that upon completion, participants will have a fully functional website ready to engage users on social media and cater to their content consumption.

Priced at Ksh. 18,000.00, Alihsum’s package encompasses a guided journey through the entire process, covering domain purchase, hosting, web builder download, theme customization, and the incorporation of lightweight plugins. This comprehensive training ensures participants can seamlessly navigate their control panel, web builder dashboard, and webmails. The resulting website will boast a secure (https) domain, Search Engine Optimization, blog post functionality, mobile responsiveness, webmail accounts, and fast loading capabilities.

Graduates who have excelled will be awarded a certificate from the Alihsum Networking Academy.

Available Courses